Oct 5, 2012

Eat An Apple Today!

Apple is one of my favorite fruits. It is so easy to take one in your bag on your way to work, it is perfect because it controls your weight and it has a lot of health benefits as follows:

  • Eating an apple stimulates the production of saliva because it lowers the levels of bacteria. This means that it reduces your tooth decay, thus your tooth is healthier and whiter. 
  • An apple a day decrease risk of diabetes, because it is loaded with soluble fiber. 
  • Apples are known for reducing cholesterol, because of its soluble fiber. The fats in the intestine are highly reduced which lower cholesterol levels. 
  • By reducing cholesterol, it helps gets you a healthier heart (because cholesterol don't get into your artery walls). 
  • When you have diarrhea or when you are constipated, eat an apple it will help you getting better, by absorbing excess of water in your colon or by keep things moving alone in your colon. 
  • Apples boost your immune system, because it contains antioxidant. 
  • Apples are very good for detox, as like every fruits, it detoxify your liver. 

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