Oct 3, 2012

Skin Tone Color Matching

Which color will you wear the most? Which color suits you best?  How will you choose the color that flatter your skin tone?

First of all, you have to take into account your skin, hair and eyes colors.

The skin tone will either be cool or warm and clear or muted. If you have a cool skin tone, your vein will appear blue, if you have a warm skin tone, your vein will appear green. This means that the more blond you are, the more cool you are. In reverse, the more brunette you are, the more warm you are.

ph: rodeo

Then you have to know if you are clear or muted. When you have a clear skin, it means that you have a large contrast between the color of your hair, skin and eyes. Muted skin will not have as much of a contrast.

All of this taken into account will determine the colors that you can wear.

Winter category: 
Asians, Africans and Caucasians(with very pale skin and dark hair) will fall into the cool and clear category. If you are in this category, this means that you can wear the following colors: white, black, grays, navy blue, deep red, bright pinks and icy pastels. The colors to avoid are beige, gold, brown and orange.

Summer category: 
People with pale skin - ash blonde or brown hair - with light eyes fall into the cool and muted category. Usually this category is for natural blondes. The colours that suit them best are pastels and neutrals (lavender, rose, mauve, pale yellow and light blue). If you are in this category, avoid wearing black and orange.

Autum category: 
The warm and muted category is for people with brown or red hair and brown eyes. The people in this category burn easily in the sun.The perfect colors for this category are caramel, beige, burnt orange, gold, dark reds, olive and ivory. Colors to avoid are pink, bright colors, black and white (because you will look faded).

Spring category: 
The last category is the warm and clear. This category is for extremly light skin, light blonde hair, rosy cheeks and pale eyes (blue or green). The colors you should wear are pale and soft colors (ivory, peach, true red,  camel, light pink, coral, golden yellow). Just avoid dark and dull colors. 

The above are just general rules. Feel free to wear whatever you want as long as it suits you and you feel confident.

ph: rodeo

ph: rodeo

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source: voices of yahoo, right color for your skin tone.

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