Sep 29, 2012

Isabel Marrant SS13 Show - Paris Fashion Week

Isabel Marrant about her new collection:

"I think it's just a normal woman. You know, I am doing pret-a-porter and it says what it says: 'ready to wear'. My main concern in doing garments is doing things that you really feel like wearing every day not only for special occasions. Clothes in which you feel at ease, self-confident and pretty - a bit different too - and which leave space for the personality of each woman to be asserted.
Every day I open my cupboard and say 'OK, what can I wear this morning?'

Each time when I am starting the collection I am having a theme, but I don't want to stay too close to an exact image otherwise it becomes too literal. For this collection, well, I have always loved the Hawaiian print, and I thought of Elvis in Hawaii - that's why he was on the soundtrack for the show. Also I thought 'what is summer?' and 'what is vacation?'. There were those pictures of Bardot and Birkin walking on the port in St Tropez in the early Seventies - wearing simple clothes but with an attitude and a confidence."
 (source: interview with Luke Leitch - Fashion Telegraph)

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